Kim Kardashian now has official merch, and it’s really funny and cute

Kim Kardashian consistently impresses us by being so incredibly business savvy while simultaneously always looking on-point. And the gorgeous entrepreneur has yet another surprise in store for us… a store for us! And TBH, the merch she’s posting sneak peeks of looks super fun.

Kim is rolling out new Kim-inspired merch, like:

Bae gift wrap

Like who doesn’t want to give their bae a wrapped gift that literally has their name all over it?

Cell phone cases

And booty gift wrap

Kim is certainly no stranger to experimentation, having already created her own app and publishing a book while still being a superstar, mogul, mom, and super famous wife. She’s not only intelligent and creative, but (based on the items she’s posting about having in her store) she’s also got a great sense of humor.

The new online store can be found on her site, and the products are set to be available some time today. It doesn’t yet appear to be open for business,  so you’ll have to wait a bit before you can snag your own phone case covered in your favorite type of text to give or get.

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