Kim Kardashian just dyed her hair the perfect shade of comic book character blue

We all know that monochromatic beauty and style looks are having a moment, but how far are you willing to take it? We now know that Kim Kardashian is not afraid to go all the way because just in time for the new Yeezy debut, she dyed her hair blue-black and it perfectly matched her navy outfit. The shade reminds us of the way characters in comic books, like Wonder Woman, are drawn with black hair and blue highlights.

We haven’t seen her play with color like this since earlier last year when Kardashian dyed her hair pink. Other than that, she’s been cycling through her natural dark hair and platinum hair for quite some time — Kim’s slick blonde or black ponytail has become her signature style in recent months.

Kim’s longtime hairstylist, Chris Appleton, gave us a glimpse of his latest creation on his Instagram, and we’re booking an appointment ASAP (or at least in our imaginations). Her waist-length locks are the perfect, vibrant shade of blue we’ve ever seen, and the best part is that it’s totally wearable. Kim was also sporting an all-blue ensemble in her latest Instagram photo, making this the monochrome look of the year – though Violet Beauregarde she is not.

Would you ever dye your hair dark blue à la Kim Kardashian?

It’s a strong look, but oddly subtle as well. The fact that it’s such a dark shade lends a bit of gravitas. Now it’s just time to wait for Kim to make her official blue hair debut at her next event. Can’t you just picture all the gorgeous and fanciful ways to style such imaginative and fun hair? The options are endless.

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