Kim Kardashian just dropped a huge clue about what her upcoming perfume might smell like

Fans of the instantly popular KKW Beauty have been waiting to hear what new upcoming products the brand will be launching. Is Kim Kardashian West’s latest tease a KKW Beauty fragrance hint? The beautiful floral photo has us wondering if it might be a hint about the scent of this highly-anticipated perfume.

We can speculate ’til the cows come home, but the truth is we won’t know for sure what anything means until Kim makes an official announcement. In an interview with Interview magazine, she mentioned that the fragrances would be making their debut next month, so it won’t be too long before we have all the answers we desire.

Kim Kardashian West tagged KKW Fragrance in her gardenia-filled Instagram post, leading us to believe that we could have a delightfully floral perfume headed our way.

Gardenias are a beautiful, classic flower with a romantic scent, so they would fit nicely with the KKW Beauty aesthetic, don’t you think?

We can’t be sure that this is what it all means, however, because Kim’s first-ever fragrance tease photo alluded to the fact that the fragrances would be crystal-inspired. Could this be something entirely different? Or an extension of her fragrance collection? It’s also possible that we’ll get a perfume inspired by both crystals and flowers. We need answers, Kimberly.

Either way, Kim Kardashian West knows what she is doing because both crystal- and gardenia-inspired scents are incredibly popular right now.

You know they’re going to smell absolutely divine.

Whatever route Kim goes, these perfumes are bound to be absolute hits.

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