Kim Kardashian is launching a new competition-style reality show, and YOU could star in it

There are many people in this world who warrant the title “mover and shaker,” and Kim Kardashian is high on the celebrity list. Her beauty advice has been revolutionary, not to mention her empowering essay about sexuality that cemented her reputation as a strong, outspoken female figure who isn’t going away any time soon.

Because of her interest and commitment to beauty,  it’s only fitting that she launch a reality TV show for beauty bloggers! That’s right, this is happening. According to Hollywood Life, the show will be titled Beauty Bloggers, and it will involve a competition designed to unveil the most worthy blogger.

The winning contestant will then be awarded the crown tiltle of Beauty Director for Kardashian’s own apps, as well as those of Khloé and Kylie! They’ll have the chance to create exclusive content, and share their talent with people all over the world.


And hey, there’s MORE good news: the show is now casting, so this could literally be the dream opportunity you’ve been waiting for. 

As it states in the post, the team are looking for “the most trendsetting Beauty Bloggers for a cutting edge competition reality series.” There’s no specific news on what sort of challenges will be involved yet or who the judges will be (if not Kardashian herself?), but we’re fairly certain every task will involve Kylie’s Lip Kit in some way or other.

Even without all the particulars, it’s obvious that this is a major opportunity. And here’s the million dollar question: do you have what it takes?

If you think you DO, and you’re interested in giving this a shot for real, note that you just have to be over 21 years old. Apart from that there are no restrictions, so go forth and prosper (you know, while impressing one of the most influential style icons EVER!)

Seriously, NO PRESSURE.

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