The internet can’t figure out what happened to Kim Kardashian’s arm in her family’s Calvin Klein ad

A lot is happening in the Kardashian realm at the current moment. Khloé is expecting her first child. Kylie is rumored to be giving birth soon. And Kim just had her third child via gestational carrier last week. But amid the good news is a Kardashian quandary. What happened to Kim Kardashian’s arm in the family’s latest Calvin Klein ad?

Via Twitter, Kim Kardashian West shared an ad that she and her four sisters took part in for the #MyCalvin campaign. Most fans immediately noticed how Kylie used the blanket on which they’re laying to cover her stomach, thus flaring up baby rumors again. But others zoomed in on another anomaly placed literally front and center in the ad. What the heck is going on with Kim’s arm? Why is it two-toned like that? Is another body part behind her, and if so, to whom does that body part belong? Our brains just couldn’t make sense of it.

The only explanation we could come up with: Kim was a victim of a Photoshop blunder. It shocked us that such a blatant error made it into the final edit of the photo. But hey, even professionals make mistakes, right?

Then, upon further inspection, we realized that it wasn’t a Photoshop fail at all. It was simply an optical illusion caused by the shadow of Kim’s boob.

Sorry, Calvin Klein’s photo editor. We take back what we said.

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Our bad! You ladies look great — keep up the great work.

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