Kim Kardashian is accused of *another* Photoshop fail, and can she live?!

Kim Kardashian, queen of contour, social media, and now — apparently — Photoshop fails? Kardashian has come under fire recently for altering her Instagram pics with either FaceTune or Photoshop to the point where the edits are pretty obvious. The public tends to weigh in when it appears she’s edited a photo, but sometimes she’ll debunk the Photoshop rumors.

Kim posted a behind-the-scenes snap from one of her Calvin Klein ads and fans noticed that the door behind her right leg looked a bit warped. A bend in the background of an image can happen if you use an app to exaggerate or minimize the curves of your body.

Here’s the thing — we honestly think Kim is unbothered by all of it. Like, we think she looks great and doesn’t need Photoshop, but the fact that she a) keeps doing it and b) leaves the photos up even after she’s ridiculed for it means she likely doesn’t give af. And to that, we say, touché, haters.

"Found this pic I took in the bathroom on set of My @calvinklein shoot," Kim captioned the seemingly innocuous pic.

Shortly after posting, the peanut gallery chimed in with speculation that she used Photoshop.



When Kim was accused of editing this image on March 24th, 2018, she disabled the comments.

Weirdly enough, this isn’t the first Calvin Klein-related Photoshop scandal for the reality star. In the family’s 2017 Calvin Klein ad, there was something bizarre going on with Kim’s arm.


As for her latest potential Photoshop fail, who knows, maybe she’ll debunk it and we’ll all move on with our lives. Happy scrolling.

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