In a new tutorial, Kim Kardashian and Jaclyn Hill got candid about their personal lives and beauty routines

If you’re a huge fan of watching tutorials from popular beauty bloggers, and you also obsessively follow the day-to-day routines of the Kardashian dynasty, then you’ll be thrilled to know there’s a new Jaclyn Hill x Kim Kardashian West makeup tutorial waiting for you on Youtube.

For those who missed it, the two met up and created the first Kim Kardashian x Jaclyn Hill makeup tutorial back in June, when the two created a Snapchat story of themselves getting ready. But now, we have been blessed with a longer, more in-depth Youtube makeup tutorial from the two beauty world favorites.

The results were amazing — because, of course, they’re both great at makeup, but they surprisingly got personal, and the video was far more focused on sharing their lives than promoting specific makeup techniques. Naturally, we had some favorite moments.

When Kim Kardashian talked about watching Jaclyn’s YouTube channel for the first time


Near the beginning of the tutorial, Kim admitted that the first time she watched a makeup tutorial was Jaclyn Hill’s review of the KKW x Kylie Creme Lipsticks.

Kim said she was impressed with Jaclyn’s ability to connect with followers over the internet, and more specifically, Jaclyn’s ability to build a career from Youtube.

When both ladies shared their go-to skin techniques


For Kim, using a primer is a no-go, whereas Jaclyn loves the Sisley Double Tenseur Primer. When it comes to contouring techniques, Kim draws a 3 shape from her temple to her cheekbone, and all the way down to her jawline — to ensure symmetry. As for Jaclyn, the Morphe Beauty Sponge is her favorite for blending.

When they answered beauty questions from their fans


While sharing some of their past beauty faux paus, Jaclyn shared that she used to overpluck her eyebrows when the ’90s brows were the rage. Kim said she had a phase where she matched bright eyeshadow with her outfits. Honestly, we’d be down to see what both of these phases looked like.

When Kim said she wants to be more accessible


Moving forward, Kim shared that a goal of hers is to make contouring more accessible to her followers. She wants everyone to feel confident in their makeup techniques. She also shared that it only takes her five minutes to do her makeup.

You can watch the full tutorial here!

Spoiler alert: you’re going to learn a lot of tips and tricks, so get your notepads out and take notes.

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