Kim and Kanye reveal their new baby’s name, Internet has many feelings about it

On Saturday, December 5th, the newest member of the Kardashian-West family was introduced to the world. And without fail, the Internet collectively pooled together some top-notch baby name ideas, and there was nothing we could do to stop it.

For instance, “Wild West” was thrown out there.

“Easton West” was a very, very popular suggestion.

But no one came as close to the real name as this Twitter user, who thought Kim and Kanye would for SURE name their new baby “Jesus.” (Or, rather, “Yeezus”?) But Amanda should have known there could only be one Yeezus.

Kim Kardashian finally announced the name of her son on Twitter early around 12pm PST today, by simply tweeting “SAINT WEST” and pairing the post with four emoji-version members of the Kardashian-West family. She later added, “To our fans. Saint West. 12.05.15. 8 pounds, 1 ounce,” to her website.

And we just want to say congratulations and kudos on such an original name and very healthy baby boy!

Researching the name “Saint” on the Official Social Security Website, we learned the name “Saint” isn’t even on the top 1,000. Nameberry says that “Saint” is the #1,403 most popular name, so basically not popular, like, at all. “North” is also a rare one (it didn’t make it to the top 1,000 on the Official Social Security Website either), so it’s no surprise Kim and Kanye went with something super original for their second bébé. With a name like “Saint,” though, you kinda have to expect humans of the interwebz to have some unbridled fun with it. Which they totally, totally did.

Like with this tweet that has the sneaking suspicion that Baby West was named after one of the members of the ’90s girl band All Saints:

Or this tweet that remembered The Pope got the meme-treatment a few weeks back and couldn’t resist. 

Or this tweet that knows all about those Kim and Kanye prayer candles you can buy on Etsy.

And obviously the Twitter user who Photoshopped Kim and Kanye’s face into a nativity scene. Aces.

Once again, congrats Kim and Kanye, on your newest bundle of cuteness. We can’t wait for all the fab sibling selfies to come!

(Image via Shutterstock, Twitter)