Kim Kardashian rocked this incredible black and mint green kimono on the streets of NYC

Kim Kardashian hit the streets of NYC yesterday in a look that was so classic Kim K that we can’t even stand it. Kim was out with hubby Kanye West, and she was rocking a black, white, and mint green kimono look that we can’t get out of our heads.

This black, white, and mint green kimono that Kim Kardashian wears is so chic we can’t believe it.


The contrasting color of the sleeves and the stripes on the cuffs and bottoms make the kimono look like an oversized letterman’s jacket, and we love it. That inspired design gives the kimono a modern, fresh feel to a very elegant piece.

And the kimono is almost better from the back than from the front.


The bright, graphic design is striking, and it really gives the kimono a regal feel, which is fitting for Kim K and Kanye, who are basically our royal family.

Not to only focus on the kimono. Kim’s corset top is also stunning.


We love the sleek design of the top, and the dramatic gold buttons, which just add to the outfit’s regal appeal. And Kim keeps it classically fresh with fuzzy sandals and simple, skin tight shorts.

Nobody owns the streets of NYC quite like Kim and Kanye.

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