Kim K has launched a set of emojis, and some of them are pretty useful

Ever wanted to send someone a black heart, but alas, it wasn’t available? How about. . . an iced peach? (No judgments, no judgments.)

Well, you’re in luck. Kim Kardashian has recently unveiled a new line of emojis because she’s pretty much the Internet queen, and people are freaking out. Even those who aren’t fans of the Kardashian will probably find use for a bunch of these emojis, some of which are tongue-in-cheek (see that Kim crying emoji?):

Called Kimojis (because obviously), the line comes complete with beauty product emojis, a Kim-selfie emoji, and a butt emoji reminiscent of Kim’s “Break The Internet” cover for Paper Magazine. There’s even a Yeezy boot sneaker, but nothing symbolizing North or Saint West — we’d imagine because she wants to keep the kids out of it, which we can respect (although there is a preggers Kim K emoji!).

Kim K fans will also notice some of the less obvious emojis, such as gummy bears, an ocean wave, and a red Solo cup. We’re partial to the chocolate, sprinkled donut emoji because there is never a bad time to drop one of those.  Oh and yes, there’s a middle finger emoji. 

Kim also posted a smaller preview of the emojis yesterday, captioning the shot “KIMOJI’S APP LAUNCHES TOMORROW!!!” So we can gather that she’s just a little bit excited.

Well, it’s officially tomorrow and you can now download Kimojis at the iPhone App store. Thanks, Kim, for that black heart emoji and gummy bear emoji we so desperately needed.

(Image via Shutterstock.)

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