Kim Gordon and her daughter are the coolest fashion models ever

You’d be hard pressed to find anybody as eternally cool as Kim Gordon. Known for being the Girl in the Band (the name of her memoir, and also a reference to her time spent in the rock group Sonic Youth), Gordon’s become an enduring icon of that graceful je ne sais quoi, someone who’s seen and done it all and come out the other side. Now, she’s tackled a new frontier: The world of high fashion.

That’s right, Gordon and her daughter Coco Moore (as in ex-husband/bandmate Thurston Moore) posed for fashion brand Marc Jacobs in its latest ad. We can barely start processing the image: The baroque splendor! The deep marsala hues! The beading and embroidery… excuse us while we swoon.

Jacobs himself posted the photo to Instagram, gushing over his two stunning sonic (ha!) muses and waxing about their long history of working together (including on the video for Sonic Youth’s “Sugar Kane” and one of Jacobs’ 2008 shows):

Clearly the two are regularly in touch; check out this photo of the two together from last month:

Gordon and Moore join a slew of cool icons for Jacobs’ campaign, including our fave ’90s icon Winona Ryder and supermodel Christy Turlington. Check out more of the images on Marc Jacobs’ Facebook page.

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