Kiersey just made fur hats ~the thing~ to try this winter, and here are some of our faves

There are some celebs that we 100% *love* for their talents, but also totally go to whenever we’re feeling stuck in a style rut. And one celeb that definitely inspires our style goals is Kiersey! The actress and singer is one of the edgiest style icons we know, and we turn to her Instagram on a regular (okay, daily) basis to check and see what trends we should try this year.

When we saw Kiersey try out the fur hat trend, we were like, wait, can we pull that off? And then we were like, of course we can! Or we should at least try. We owe it to her, and ourselves, to ~believe~ we can be just as ridiculously stylish as she is!

Honestly, how incredibly chic does Kiersey look in this rad fur hat? Between that delicate little smile and her overwhelming beauty, we just have to give this look a try!

If you’re not into real fur, which is totally amazing, we’ve got you covered. We sought out the coziest and cutest faux fur hats living out on the net because, honestly, the only shopping we want to do these days takes place from our beds, between our cats, and on our phones. It’s 2016, after all!

So, here’s a few options to help you try out this beautiful, and yet oh-so-practical, look.

1This fur beanie hat from Topshop promises to make you classy as heck in an instant, and with zero effort ($40)


Get it here.

2And if you’re not quite ready to go all out with the print, this simple black fur hat from Topshop is equally elegant, and a little bit more subtle ($40)


Get it here.

3If warmth is your main concern, this fur trapper hat from Forever 21 will keep your ears ice and toasty ($12)


Get it here.

4And if you live somewhere that isn’t quite as cold, this faux fur headband from Lord & Taylor is a great way to sneak some fur into your life (on sale for $22)


Get it here.