Kiernan Shipka is a spring field of dreams in her latest floral gown

At 17 years old, Kiernan Shipka already knows more couture than most grown ups do in their entire lives. The gifted young actress is a seasoned red carpet pro, having made countless best-dressed lists before she was even old enough for a drivers license. So when she hit The Blackcoat’s Daughter screening in New York City, we were ~hardly~ surprised that her floral gown was the stuff of our wildest, most high-fashion dreams.

With a light and airy feel as fresh as a crisp spring day, the Rosie Assouline gown instantly stole the show.

The delicately embroidered florals added depth and dimension to the airy silhouette, with a wide array of colors that made this piece look more like a fresh bouquet than a dress.


Come to think of it, this feminine look somewhat reminds of us those groovy ’70s crochet blankets. You know, the ones covered in rainbow flowers? Except in this case, it makes us think of those retro blankets like we never have before: as completely and undeniably chic. Who would’ve thought?!

But if anyone could turn those groovy blankets into the stuff of red carpet legend, it’d have to be Kiernan.


Up close, it looks like the dress itself is actually constructed from a quilted-like fabric, which makes it even more unexpected. And way cooler. And are you seeing the pretty silk flowers tacked onto the straps? This dress just keeps getting better!

Being a teenage style star, Kiernan’s sartorial instincts were sharp as ever when she kept the jewelry to a minimum and her HAMU clean and sleek. Because there was no need to overcomplicate this already exquisite gown. To top it all off, she only opted for a pretty pair of pointed toe Nickolas Kirkwood rose gold pumps.

After ogling this look up and down, all we can say is: ahhh!

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