Kiernan Shipka and Amandla Stenberg once starred in a Lunchables commercial together, and the nostalgia is real

They’re two of the biggest young stars in Hollywood today, but Kiernan Shipka’s latest Instagram post featuring Amandla Stenberg proves that everyone starts somewhere. In their case, it was starring in a Lunchables commercial together. The only thing better than this hilarious throwback is the fact that they’ve been close pals ever since.

Shipka went on to act in Mad Men and the upcoming Chilling Adventures of Sabrina on Netflix. Stenberg went on to appear in The Hunger Games and The Darkest Minds. But once upon a time, they were doing the commercial rounds. And it sparked a friendship that will last a lifetime. Shipka posted an adorable Instagram shot of the two posing with fellow young actor Dylan Sprayberry on Thursday, August 17th, captioning it, “You gotta start somewhere.”

Sadly, evidence of the Lunchables commercial is scant online.

But in the comments, Sprayberry and Shipka reminisced about their time on set, noting that it was filmed at a school “somewhere” and proposing that the trio hang out again soon.

We still have so many questions.

Did they score free Lunchables on set? And do they prefer the pizza, or the mini cracker sandwiches? Either way, we love that this commercial led to one of the most epic friendships in young Hollywood.

Shipka and Stenberg have been close since their Lunchables days, though they’ve upgraded their meal options to more sophisticated fare, meeting up for brunch with the likes of Lorde and Tavi Gevinson.

In 2016, Stenberg gushed about Shipka to Teen Vogue.

"Oh, man. Well, Kiernan has been by my side since the beginning...I have a friend who has this thing called 'shine theory,' which basically says that when you become friends with other powerful, like-minded people, you all just shine brighter."

We have so much love for this friendship. Can we snag a brunch invite next time, please?

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