Kiehl’s is revamping its iconic Ultra Facial Cream for the better

Normally, we associate New Year’s resolutions with people getting new gym memberships or ordering Rosetta Stone, not brands jumping in on the chance to improve. But in 2019, one of our very favorite skin care brands, Kiehl’s, is resolving to give themselves a natural makeover, and we can get fully behind this.

Starting in 2019, our deeply beloved Ultra Facial Cream will now be completely paraben-free. This means we don’t have to worry about the ingredient (aka preservatives) possibly affecting our hormonal cycle or increasing our risk of breast cancer, according to the American Cancer Society. If you aren’t familiar with parabens, it’s a preservative that prevents the growth of fungi, bacteria, and yeast that can contaminate your beauty products. It’s mostly found in soap, shaving products, and moisturizers.

In a statement sent to HelloGiggles, the brand shared why it plans to use paraben-free formulas moving forward:

"Kiehl’s has used parabens in some of our formulations to ensure the safety of our customers, and while we stand by the formulas that have been beloved by customers for decades, we also care about our customers’ changing needs for their skincare."

If you’re curious how this will affect the perfectly balanced Ultra Facial Cream formula, you don’t have to worry. Over the past five years, the team at Kiehl’s has meticulously tested 114 paraben-free versions of the cream before settling on the brand-new version, according to a press release.

Instead of being packed with parabens or carbamides, the 2019 Ultra Facial Cream makeover is composed of glacial glycoprotein (which is a protein derived from sea glaciers to protect and hydrate skin) as well as olive-derived squalane (a strengthening moisturizing oil). It all sounds fancy and scientific to us in a comforting way, and we’re excited to try the new and improved version of the iconic cream.

Best of all? This isn’t the only upgrade coming to the brand. Kiehl’s plans to make its entire product line paraben-free by the end of 2019. The new and improved Ultra Facial Cream comes out on December 26th, so you don’t even have to wait until 2019 to kick off the New Year right.