Kidstructive Criticism: Dating 2013

Some would say I’ve been unlucky in love, but others would say I’ve been VERY lucky and dodged quite a few bullets.  Me?  I defer to my daily Susan Miller horoscope like any rational grown woman and she told me (and all other Aquarians) that this year would “usher in a period of romance and love I’ve not yet known in my lifetime” starting in June. YES!  Since June is right around the corner I need some hard hitting advice from my wise friends.  I’m not saying that Adina, Ryan and Mia’s advice the first go around wasn’t helpful, or that Dash’s sage wisdom in my second dating video wasn’t useful, but I am saying that for the past three Saturday nights I’ve watched Law & Order: SVU marathons til I drifted off into a dreams of Elliot Stabler, with my retainer securely fastened.  I’m not saying that not a perfectly good Saturday night, I’m just saying it might be more fun to watch Olivia & Elliot’s super intense dynamic whilst wearing retainers WITH someone… Happy June, fellow Aquarians!

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