Here are kids watching extraction videos for the first time, because it’s time to grow up, kiddos

The children are our future, but they won’t be much good for anyone in the long run if people insist on making them face grown-up issues prematurely. We honestly feel so bad for this group of kids who watched extraction videos for the first time, because God knows their delicate eyeballs were simply not ready for such extreme viewing. Hell, we’re well into adulthood and we still struggle to hold it together while watching those addictive blackhead videos as well as pore-cleaning videos shared by strangers online.

But we can’t look away, and as disgusting as it sounds (and actually is), these kids became acquainted with the fact that for millions of people, there’s a sick pleasure derived from watching gross procedures. In this case, it’s all BuzzFeed Blue‘s fault for forcing these young subjects to watch ear wax and pimple-popping vids in one sitting.

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Ugh, just the thought of that makes us gag, but we gotta say these kids were total champs throughout this entire eyeball-searing experiment. One 9-year-old insists that he “should not be shown this graphic content,” but then says what goes through all of our minds when watching something like this: “This is gross. Let’s keep watching.”

Because we care deeply about you, let’s just ease our way into this. We’ll start with a couple of standout reactions.

This hilarious “Eww” face belongs in a Saturday Night Live skit.

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This kid is traumatized, but we are crying real tears at his yell-scream.

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Hopefully you’ve braced yourself for the full video, because here goes.

Honestly, the only thing that kept us from cringing ourselves into a muscle cramp were these kids. They were easily the funniest panelists we’ve seen in a while. However, we are concerned that they’ll experience horrifying flashbacks that will keep them up all night long.

Or best/worse case scenario is that they’ll lose sleep from binge-watching even more of these earwax/pimple-popping vids.

Welcome to adulthood, kids!