This video of kids trying 100 years of airplane food is hilariously accurate

You can always count on kids to deliver the unapologetic truth, but we didn’t need them to confirm that airplane food isn’t the most mouthwatering meal you’ll ever eat. However, that doesn’t make this video of kids trying 100 years of airplane food any less funny — or real.

In Bon Appétit‘s latest food sampling experiment, they offer a centuries’ worth of in-flight meals to a group of kids who begin with the water, sandwiches and army rations Charles Lindbergh ate during his first transatlantic flight in the 1920s.

Then things get fancy in the ’50s and this little girl has a love affair with caviar:


But then the situation takes a turn for the worse as these kids literally gag over the Bloody Mary mix from a ’60s meal.


Oof. We totally feel their pain.

Given the number of people who still say airline food tastes bad, it’s safe to say that it hasn’t improved all that much over the years. The only way you’ll get some halfway appetizing food in flight is if you wake up from a nap starving to find that the angel of a flight attendant still slid you a package of cookies (because literally anything tastes great when you’re hangry).

But if you want to do better than that desperate scenario, you could always fly in a $21,000 first-class airline seat.