This is what happens when kids try dark chocolate for the first time

Take the average person and ask them what their favorite food group is. Most adults would probably choose one of the groups in that beautiful food pyramid we all got tired of looking at in school as kids – breads, meats, fruit, veggies, dairy. You know the drill.

But any real foodie knows there’s more to food than that, and that beautiful creations like chocolate sort of deserve their own food groups. Kids are especially privy to this, given the fact that the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, and Halloween all favor them in terms of sweet, sugary goodness. Can I just be a kid this Halloween for one more night? I’m really sick of buying my own Reese’s.

The unsuspecting kids in this new ad for Canadian company Splendid Chocolates, though, got a little more than they bargained for when they tried dark chocolate for the first time (WITH CREEPY MUSIC PLAYING IN THE BACKGROUND).

Take this kid for example, whose face can only be summed up as, “What did I do to deserve this? I shared my Halloween candy with you and everything!”

Or this little girl, who’s all like, “Wait a sec…”

Gotta love the brutal honesty of kids. At least it wasn’t Brussels sprouts, but lesson learned: Don’t always trust grown-ups. I imagine the filming of this commercial was preceded by a bunch of adults saying, “All you have to do is eat chocolate and we’ll film you! Doesn’t that sound FUN!?”

Not so much, when your life understanding of chocolate is milk-based. Don’t worry, guys – I’ll eat all the dark chocolate you don’t want.

(Images via YouTube)


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