These kids tried Japanese food for the first time, and their reaction was so funny

The mere mention of Japanese food instantly sends our salivary glands into overtime, but we’re not sure we can say the same for these kids who tried Japanese food for the first time. In The Cut‘s latest “Kids Try” series, they assembled an adorable group of brutally honest kid panelists to deliver us the hard-hitting truth about some of our most favorite traditional Japanese meals like miso soup, sashimi, wasabi, and more.

As much as we love all things Japanese, we regret to inform you that the foreign fare didn’t go over so well with most of them.

Even if these children were greeted with a soothing assortment of floating food that is common in many Japanese restaurants, the results probably wouldn’t have been any different.

Let’s start with their general reactions to sampling sashimi. It was basically a collective cry of “OMG do not want the raw fish,” coupled with side-eyes, stern blank stares and flat-out defiance. This kid absolutely killed us with this classic expression that clearly means, “Hell no, thank you very much.”

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We could be wrong, but there’s a good chance that this reaction means the same thing:

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To paint an even clearer picture of how incompatible the kids’ pallets were with Japanese food, one desperate young panelist tried to get out of eating the oshiruko (a dessert that consists of red bean soup and mochi) by feigning allergies, but it didn’t work.

At one point, the kids eagerly anticipated fried chicken (which sounds awesome, TBH), but instead they were served Udon noodles and shrimp tempura, which seemed to be the clear winner among all the other foods.

Whatevs. Seriously, what do these kids know? We’ll let them stew in their disgust, but in the meantime, we’re off to order sushi and udon noodles for dinner.