The kids from ‘Stranger Things’ are also incredible singers because of course

For your sake, I hope you’ve seen one of the greatest binge-worthy TV shows Netflix has ever made, Stranger Things. In my opinion, what makes the show so irresistible to watch is the mind-boggling talent of the young actors. I was utterly mesmerized by their performances. Well, I just found out that most of the young cast are also incredibly talented singers!

Millie Bobby Brown, “Eleven”

Brown deserves all the awards. Seriously. Her portrayal of Eleven broke my heart. The character didn’t have many lines so the young actress’ ability to convey so much with so little was truly remarkable. Apparently, while she was helping her crew find Mike, the young actress spent her free time on YouTube singing covers of musicians such as Adele and John Lennon.

Gaten Matarazzo, “Dustin”

Gaten whose smile stole the hearts of many is actually a Broadway vet. NBD. He’s only 13-years-old and has already starred in the historic “Les Misérables” as Gavroche.

And of course, he is quite the dancer.

Caleb McLaughlin, “Lucas”

So McLaughlin is also a Broadway vet. From 2012 to 2014, the young star played Young Simba in “The Lion King”! Excuse me while I search for videos of his performance.