Kids have the perfect reaction to old-school dial-up Internet

Once upon a time, back in the ’90s, we used to have to call the Internet to see if it could come out and play. Connecting on dial-up was both the greatest and most agonizing thing for your ears: it symbolized fun times ahead, but also a ver-ry long wait. If you’ve never heard the sound of a dial-up modem connecting to the Internet before, or if you want to take a nostalgic trip down memory lane, give it a listen.

There’s an entire generation who will never play that connection waiting game, or experience the agony of sharing a phone line with the Internet. Which is amazing, really—it speaks volumes about how much technology has advanced in a short amount of time. Still, it’s fun to teach the new generation about what the Internet was like in the “olden days.”

BT, a British TV and broadband provider, decided to do just that—introduce kids to the sound of dial-up and film the whole thing for our enjoyment. They started by playing the infamous sound, and the kids immediately looked beyond confused. They covered their ears, scrunched their faces and stared at the computer, trying to comprehend where such harsh tones could possibly be coming from.

When BT asked what the kids thought dial-up sounded like, responses include everything from “my brother’s whining” to “a screaming werewolf” to “the moon.” And then there’s the visionary answer, “I would imagine that the dinosaurs and the aliens would dance together.”

Then, the kids are asked what they think the computer is doing when the dial-up makes that noise. “It’s breaking down,” one simply states, like it isn’t even a question—it’s a fact. And finally, they’re asked how they would feel if they had to use dial-up Internet all the time. “I would start going deaf,” one child says. It’s a pretty good point.

You’ve got to see the reactions for yourself. They’re even more priceless said in little kid voices!

Featured image via YouTube