11 kids who were not messing around when they wrote their Santa letters this year

Writing a letter to Santa is a big deal when you’re a kid. This is your chance to cash in on all the points you earned being good all year and ask for the thing you most desire. A lot of kids ask for the kinds of things you’d expect — toys, books, etc. — but some kids think a little bigger (or at least more creative). Here are 11 kids who made the most of their Santa letters in 2015.

Not a C-3PO toy. Just actual C-3PO. Start making phone calls, Santa. 

Niamh isn’t picky about exactly which robot she gets, but she would also like a robot. 

Ashlee leads with her small requests, like an iPad and iPhone, before getting to her bigger request: A real life baby and a boyfriend. 

Kingston would like a car. That’s all. 

Axel also wants a car. Specifically, a Ford Mustang.

Jade just wants world peace for Christmas. Okay, not JUST world peace, but it is at the top of her list.

Alexander is a realist and he asked for something practical from Santa: Pizza. 

Molly is also thinking with her stomach this holiday season. Nothing wrong with that. You do you, Molly. 

Kyous’ list looks pretty standard first glance, until you look closely and see that “cement mixer” was slid in there. 

This awesome girl would like a REAL unicorn, please. And she’s helped put the TV on, so we all know she’s earned it. 

And finally, this one isn’t technically from 2015, but it was rediscovered by a now-adult-human in 2015, so we’re taking it. Adult Kenzie just shared a letter written by Young Kenzie that drops the mic on maxing out your Santa list. 

Kids will be very creative, crafty tiny humans.

(Images via Instagram.)