The Internet has rallied behind this kid’s dinosaur-themed YouTube channel

Sometimes, when I find myself wandering around the vast online expanse that is YouTube, I come across accounts that kids have set up to display their talents. These accounts feature everything from singing to dancing to plays — just about anything, really. After a few heartbreaking experiences of reading horribly mean comments on these kids’ YouTube channels, I’ve trained myself not to look, and I often think that if I ever have kids, there’s no way I’d let them on YouTube. I wouldn’t want their wonderfully innocent, artistic spirits to be crushed by the negativity of the Internet.

Well, something has just made me rethink my position on the matter. Surprisingly, the rare bright spot of goodness has come from Reddit, a site not usually behind the noblest of Internet interactions, where one boy’s dinosaur-themed YouTube channel with just 22 subscribers was featured.

On Friday, Redditor “Jouletheifsubmitted one of the boy’s videos to the subreddit r/videos. The YouTube channel, which is called “the prehistoric channel,” features action reenactments using the boy’s massive collection of dinosaur toys. Oh, and he also reviews dino toys. All of the videos are awesome and adorable.

The post about “the prehistoric channel” immediately blew up. Scrolling through the comments on Reddit, you see a lot of people admiring the boy’s precious, unrelenting passion. People seem to be in awe of the excitement this kid has over something as simple as dinosaur action figures. This boy’s videos are great reminders of the innocence and wonder we so quickly lose when we become adults.

Upon discovering that he had gone from a measly 22 subscribers to 29,342, the boy posted a video thanking all of his new followers, and his utter surprise and genuine gratitude is life affirming.

Now, “the prehistoric channel” has over 80,000 subscribers. Turns out, every once in a while, the Internet does something pretty sweet.

(Image via YouTube.)

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