Kids Court Finally Brings Justice to Diary Theft

Nerdist Industries has a new show, and I’m pretty excited about it.

Kid Court takes the things I love about comedy, kids, puppets – possibly Muppets, even? I can never tell but they LOOK like Muppets and that’s enough for me – and Andy Kindler as Judge Judy.

As a Brooklyn-dwelling New Yorker, I can tell you the honest truth: Kids are running the world and they are not shy about being despotic about it. Screaming and crying tantrums are not uncommon in public places. I don’t remember being like that when I was little. I really don’t. Growing up the youngest of three and the only girl in a loud and opinionated family made for lively arguments, much outraged yelling over perceived wrongs and the development of a strategic cunning that continues to serve me well into my thirties. But there was always a point in the disagreement where I understood that my short stature and the fact that my brothers could sit on me if necessary pretty made me the likely loser of any battle.

Kids today, though! They run wild. They are completely convinced they are right about everything.

Judge Andy Kindler and his puppet bailiff are here to make sure that arguments get a fair and equal chance to plead their case before the court. In the first episode, the arena is littered with the cast-offs of a breakfast squabble. One is convinced she made the right choice with omelets. The other wanted pancakes. Fighting ensued and the courts were called. In another, accusations fly when a prank picture is sent from a brother’s phone.

There’s only one person to call in these situations to make sure the guilty culprit is brought to justice:

If you can’t find the humor in a comedian and a puppet judging small children, well I think you need to adjust your funny bone. It will take you right back to all those days you spent home sick from school. Don’t deny it. We all know you were watching hours of Judge Judy all afternoon when there was nothing else on.

Episode one of Kid Court on YouTube is above. I hope you like it as much as I did.

Images via Nerdist

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