Kids swap faces with Santa in Photoshopped holiday pictures. We have no words.

If you’re active on social media, you’ve probably been inundated with pictures of kids sitting on the laps of various Santas (obviously not the real Santa, since he’s busy prepping). But have you ever seen a picture of Santa sitting on a kid’s lap? Well, get ready. Imgur user, grumpypunkcat, delights (and sort of frightens) us all with Santa Face Swap, a series of Photoshopped photos, in which Santa’s face and the face of the child sitting on his lap are swapped. And the results are as creepy as you’d imagine.

In all of the photos, Santa is transformed into a bearded baby, usually on the verge of tears, while the child is transformed into an awkward miniature wrinkled Santa Claus, wearing spectacles and serious eyebrows. I can’t decide if the photos are more entertaining or more terrifying. Maybe an equal amount of both. You can decide for yourself.

Merry early Christmas:

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