This kid threw a mind-blowing tantrum when he got the wrong Christmas gift

While the meaning of Christmas certainly doesn’t have to do with presents, as kids, many of us have had that feeling when we got a gift we didn’t particularly like. But few have turned into an actual tornado of RAGE as a result. A short video of one boy’s reaction to being given the wrong video game is going totally viral on Twitter because it’s honestly totally mind-blowing. It’s like a car crash — you just can’t stop looking at it.

On Christmas Eve, Twitter user @_mayraduarte_ uploaded a video of a child throwing a totally insane tantrum because he was given WWE 2K15 instead of WWE 2K16. As he begins to scream, a voice off-camera says, “They were out of stock”. . . which led the boy to screaming even louder and banging stuff on the ground. How very Christmas-y of him!

Seems like he really should take a page out of the book of the kid who got an avocado as a gift.

The video has since been retweeted almost 24,000 times, with some responding with dumbfounded shock (understandable, TBH) and others finding it hilarious.

It turns out that sometimes, tantrums *do* get you what you want. When the video went viral, the WWE 2K Twitter account quoted the tweet saying, “We might be able to help out here.”

A Christmas miracle! However, the original poster later explained that the video was a joke, and we were a little bit relieved, TBH.

Phew. An impressive child actor we have here, because he definitely had us going. Casting directors, take note. Merry Christmas, one and all!

(Image via video.)

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