This little boy recorded this sweetest video for his first YouTube subscriber who also happens to be his grandma

Even if you thoroughly scoured YouTube, we imagine you’d be hard-pressed to find a content creator as appreciative of a single viewer as this kid named Dane who recorded a sweet video for his first YouTube subscriber (aka his grandma).  Spotted on The Daily Dot, the brief clip titled “1 subs yas” shows Dane graciously extending gratitude towards his grandmother, who is actually the one person to hit the YouTube subscribe button after watching his first video, “0 subs special.”

Seriously, take some time out from watching cat videos online to check out his channel because if anyone deserves views and subscribers by the boatload, it’s the kid who makes a video to thank his grandma for watching.

Here’s a look at the super sweet clip in which he shouts out his grandma for giving “so much support.”

ZOMG. Our hearts are swelling with pride. Speaking of swelling, Dane’s subscriber count received a boost when his video was shared on reddit and has since ballooned from one grandma to more than 25,000 since he started his channel November 17th Obviously, he is beyond grateful and promptly made another video about the monumental moment:

Love it, Dane. Keep the videos coming!