Talking to Kid President about life in the miniature Oval Office

Ever since Soul Pancake‘s very first Kid President video, “A Pep Talk from Kid President To You,” 11-year-old Robby Novak has captured our hearts with his fabulous charisma: Lifting us up with inspiration and encouragement while simultaneously making us giggle.

Created by Robby’s brother-in-law Brad Montague, the web series has totally charmed us for the past two and a half years, from telling us the adorable things we should say more often (“You got me a corn dog? You shouldn’t have, buddy!” is on the list) to throwing laugh parties. The hit YouTube sensation and tiny politician has had the opportunity to meet celebs like Beyoncé, Emma Stone, and Ryan Gosling — and has even met the grown-up president himself!

Now, Kid President has come out with a new summer-geared vid about what kids really want from vacation — including late night ice cream parties and getting lost on purpose. That’s what grown-ups want from vacation too, TBH. Hitting the nail on the head per usual, Kid Pres!

HelloGiggles had the fabulous opportunity to chat with Robby and Brad about the web series and life in the mini Oval Office. Here’s what they had to say.

Sammy Nickalls (SN): How did you guys come up with the concept of Kid President? Walk us through Kid President’s political history.

Brad Montague (BM): I’ve always had an interest in seeing how kids react to grown up issues. Kid President grew out of our desire to put something online that would make grown-ups pause and take a moment to see through the eyes of a kid.

We started in 2012, [and] it was the midst of the presidential race, [when] you couldn’t go anywhere without hearing aggressive political statements. So we put Robby in a cheap suit and just had fun in front of the camera. We wondered if people would listen to a small voice over the older, loud ones, and as it turned out . . . they did, and still do. It’s been awesome. 

SN: We know you probably love them all (we certainly do!), but what’s your absolute fave Kid President video?

Robby Novak (RN): A Letter to A Person on Their First Day Here. Brad wrote this as a letter to his son, his first child.

SN: What’s been your favorite thing about being Kid President? Anything super cool you’ve been able to do?

RN: We have gotten to travel the world as a family. Since it’s a family project, it makes it extra cool that we get to travel together.

SN: We know you’ve had the opportunity to meet some super cool people — President Obama, Beyoncé, just to name a few. Who were you most excited to meet?

BM: Definitely President Obama, and then of course, Beyoncé [. . .] Robby still hasn’t stopped talking about how he got to kiss her. We also get to meet so many amazing kids who are changing the world.

SN: What has been your main goal as Kid President? What change have you hoped to make with your fabulous videos?

BM: We want people to choose to be happy about how amazing could be if they worked to make the world better – instead of getting angry about how the world just isn’t good enough already! We hope people take action with a joyful rebellion!

SN: What do you, Robby, hope to do when you grow up? What are your aspirations? Get into politics, perhaps? You’ve already got a ton of experience, after all! 

RN: I want to be a basketball player!

SN: Being the powerful influential boy in office you are, who is your biggest inspiration?

RN: Brad is my inspiration. Every video we make is us making cool stuff together. There would be no Kid President without him.

SN: Everyone’s been talking about the 2016 presidential election, but here’s the serious hard-hitting question: Will Kid President be running again in 2016?

RN: Stay tuned. No campaign announcements from the tiny Oval Office yet!

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