These three kid sisters do dead-on impersonations of our favorite Oscar-nominated characters

Get ready, everyone! Oscar Season is upon us. On February 28, our fave stars will walk the red carpet, and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will dole out awards to the best films and performances of the year. That means we’ve got less than one week to see all the films that have been nominated for Best Picture. Get on it.

Oscar Season also means the Storino family from Chicago is getting its creative groove on. Who are the Storinos, you ask? Allow us to introduce you! Maggie Storino is the creative genius behind the Tumblr Don’t Call Me Oscar. For the past six years, Maggie has been recreating scenes from films up for Best Picture, but in the place of celebs, she uses (wait for it…) her toddler daughters. I know. I know. It sounds all kinds of adorable, right? Well, it is. And this year, the tributes on Don’t Call Me Oscar are better than ever, because there’s been a new addition to this super talented family. Eight-month-old Sloane is the rookie, and by all appearances she’s totally following in the precious footsteps of her older sisters, Sophia, 5, and Sadie, 3. I mean, take a look at how expertly little Sloane channels Matt Damon in The Martian:

 Nailed it.

And guys, if you think the photo is cute, wait until you hear the story behind it. Maggie explained to Vanity Fair, “To make Sloane’s spacesuit, I hot-glued my husband’s socks onto a onesie. (And now I’m telling him about that.) Sloane stood up for the first time the day we took this photo. That might be why she looks so proud in this picture. As any parent knows, it’s one small step for man, one giant leap for baby-kind.”

Oh, Maggie. You had us at hot-gluing your husband’s socks to a onesie. TBH, this whole idea sounds like the most epic dress-up sesh of all time. We’re pretty envious of the Storino kiddos, who apparently get to act out a variety of roles all year round. Maggie says, “When it stops being fun, we’ll stop doing it. But the girls love dressing up, so it isn’t a struggle.​ ​This isn’t so different from our everyday routine except that the characters are more varied. Although if the Academy wanted to make my job easier, they could nominate more films with unicorns and mermaids.”

Alas, no unicorns and mermaids this year. (Although we’re totally on board with that recommendation. Are you listening, Academy?) But despite this tragic omission, the photos still make our movie-loving hearts explode. Check out the Storino family’s take on the rest of the nominated films below…

The Revenant

Bridge of Spies


Mad Max: Fury Road


The Big Short


We’re in awe of this amazing family, and think they might just deserve an honorary Oscar themselves. Here’s to mermaid and unicorn films next year!

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