This little boy played golf and threw the most epic tantrum after struggling

Learning a new sport doesn’t always come easy just because your mom is a professional athlete. Unfortunately, this little boy who threw a tantrum while playing golf found that out the hard way during a round with his mom, who also happens to be pro golfer Amanda Blumenherst.

In the hilarious clip Blumenherst shared on Twitter, her two-and-a-half-year-old son Will can be seen sprawled on the green alongside his club and the golf ball, which is a completely understandable reaction from someone who hasn’t yet mastered the art of losing gracefully.

We can totally relate to Will’s mid-golf tantrum. All the hard work that goes into maintaining the perfect stance and being patient enough to perfect your swing is challenging enough to make anyone have a total meltdown.

As Blumenherst wrote on Twitter, “Golf is hard.”

Ugh. The struggle is real. And to think, some people have the audacity to try and golf on a frozen lake as if attempting to putt on solid, non-slippery ground isn’t difficult enough.

Luckily, Will didn’t let the sheer exasperation of playing golf deter him. Once he recovered from his tantrum, he stood up and gave it another go, even if his move was “slightly” (totally) illegal.

LOL. We can’t imagine this will be the last we’ll see of Will and his mom hitting the green. He’s only two so he has plenty of time to hone his talent. Once he gets his golfing skills on the same level as his his tantrum-throwing, he’ll be a force to be reckoned with.