Kid gets an avocado as a gift and his reaction is all class

The best part about receiving birthday gifts is when the gift is something awesome that you really wanted. The worst part? When it’s not. Because even though the gift isn’t what you hoped for, you have to pretend that it is.

For kids, the pretending part is hard. But one little boy has perfected his pretending-to-like-this-dumb-gift face. Jeff Simmons was helping his 3-year-old nephew Henry prepare for his third birthday party by giving him some less than appealing gifts to open. Henry needed to practice being gracious and grateful for all of his gifts, even if he hated them. Because being honest can sometimes hurt people’s feelings — especially when those feelings belong to 3-year-olds.

In a video Jeff posted on Vine, Henry was super excited about receiving an avocado for a gift — like really excited. So, he is either really good at pretending or maybe he actually really loves guac. Either way, it’s ridiculously adorable.

Not surprisingly, the video has been viewed over 47 million times (at least 600 of those views were from us) — because you guys, this is the best way to teach a kid to be gracious.

“We wanted to make sure that he was being sensitive of other people’s feelings because we know people really put a lot of thought into gifts,” Henry’s mom, Victoria Simmons told ABC News. “He’s a really honest kid so I was worried he’d flat out say, ‘Oh I already have this.’”

“We were trying to teach him that when you get a present from a friend or family you have to say thank you and be excited just because it’s polite,” added her brother, Jeff.

It definitely worked. Here’s Henry being polite and adorable:

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