This kid hilariously denied eating chocolate…while covered in chocolate

Leave it to the children to make us feel better about getting caught in a fib. This cherub-faced little kid covered in chocolate lied about eating said chocolate, but nah, kid. That’s not how any of this works. Clearly, this kiddo has yet to learn the ropes of lying his way out of trouble (an art form practiced widely by humans since the beginning of time), because a more seasoned fibber would already know this isn’t the most foolproof method of convincing others of your innocence.

In the video uploaded by YouTube user David Kelly, 4-year-old Callum (aka, the cutest chocolate thief ever) can be seen undergoing an intense line of questioning about the mysterious brown substance smeared all over his mouth and cheeks. By the looks of things, his alibi and his poker face have a long way to go before they catch up to his chocolate-eating skills.

While his dad grills him in an attempt to crack the case of the missing hot chocolate, Callum’s eyebrows do that nervous up-and-down motion that coincides with the brain trying *really* hard to come up with a lie. But all he can say when his dad asks, “What’s on your face?” is, “Um. Eh. Sauce.”

Too cute! But it’s cool, Callum. We too have succumbed to the temptation of chocolate that wasn’t ours to sample. Consider this as a sort of embarrassing childhood rite of passage.

But in the future, it’s probably best to ‘fess up to the crime before your eager little brother rats you out.

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