This kid used to be homeless and now he uses his own money to help make clothes for other needy kids

Ten year old Xavier Elliott lived through a situation that most of us can’t even imagine. After Xavier’s father came home from serving in Iraq, he suffered from PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder. It’s a condition that people develop after witnessing or experiencing a particularly horrifying event, and can cause them to become depressed, develop high anxiety, and in general have difficulty functioning back in regular life. Because of this, Xavier’s family lost their house, and had to bounce from shelter to shelter before thankfully getting back on their feet.

This experience inspired Xavier. Thankful to be back in more stable conditions, he wanted to use this new privilege to help kids who are in the situation he just got out of. So, using his mother’s sewing machine and his own money, he’s been buying fabrics and making clothes for the homeless. Way cool.

His good deed has gained traction on the Internet, and he now has a Facebook page where people can keep updated on his progress and also send donations to keep the charity going. His mother, who is head of Arizona Veteran Families, a charity that supports returning veterans and their families find resources, spoke about her son:

Xavier puts it more simply:

When you say it like that, how can anyone say no? Head over here to donate!

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