A little kid was caught dancing on his family’s security camera, and the video will give you life

As the old adage goes, dance like no one’s watching. One person really embraced this message and this video of a little boy dancing on his family’s security camera is guaranteed to make you smile. While his parents were sound asleep, little Dylan decided to have some fun in his family’s living room. Now this adorable little kid has quickly become an Internet sensation after his dad, Cody Wray, posted the footage to Facebook with the caption, “he’s so dead,” as reported by The Huffington Post.

Dylan went to town as he jumped and cartwheeled all over the room, blissfully unaware that his dance moves would later receive nearly one million hits and counting.

When Dylan realized he was being taped, he decided to be stealthy and unplug the camera. But, his plan backfired when his dad noticed it was unplugged and began combing through the footage.

That's when he discovered that his son is capable of some killer dance moves when he's free to jump on the couch and somersault to his heart's content.


Sure, he was breaking the rules — but even little kids need to let loose and blow off some steam once in a while, you know?

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