This couple dressed their kid up as Cameron from “Modern Family” and WOAH BABY

A couple in Utah dressed their 10-month old up as Cam from Modern Family, and we have literally never felt joy comparable to what we felt looking at this little nugget for the first time. Cam is one-half of one of our favorite television couples, and definitely one of the most hilarious characters on TV. So we totally understand why these parents decided it was the perfect costume for their kid. But not only did they dress the little one up as Cam, but they themselves dressed up as Mitchell and Lily to round out the modern family.

Behold, the cutest little Cam we have EVER seen. (Sorry, Eric Stonestreet.)

Is this not the most precious thing on the planet? We literally can’t get over his thin little baby hair with all that gel — and that paisley shirt, omgggggg. It’s seriously too much.

And we’re not the only ones who think so. Eric Stonestreet, aka the actor behind Cam, saw the pictures and appreciated it just like the rest of us. This kid is knocking off life goals before he even knows how to say “life goals.”

Then again, we’re not sure how Cam himself would feel. He would for-sure think this kid is cute, but maybe not the cutest. After all, Cam did say that he won the cutest baby contest at the 1974 Jasper County Fair. And people did say he could go Gerber. So maybe he would feel a bit threatened by his übercute competitor?

Ultimately, we’re not surprised that Eric Stonestreet loved the costume as much as we did — it’s obviously ACTUALLY impossible to look at this little kid in his costume and not be utterly and completely in love. Obviously.

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