This kid asked his dad for permission to swear, and we can *so* relate

Fellow potty mouths, how TF are ya? Back us up on this: Sometimes you need a solid curse word to get your point across. While adults are free to let loose a stream of expletives whenever they please, this kid who asked his dad for permission to swear at his brother is already learning at an early age the power of wielding curse words. Now, there are already several reasons we shouldn’t be afraid to swear, but we’re going to add “because your dad says it’s OK” to the list.

Look, even science says swearing a lot is a sign of an honest person, and we can honestly say this kid’s big brother had the foul-mouthed tongue-lashing coming. While the use of profanity isn’t always embraced, cussing up a storm can be cathartic (there’s even a cuss word-filled meditation) and it feels damn good to punctuate your point with a curse word.

So, that brings us back to this kid who was being annoyed by his older brother. Lil’ bros’ cursing was awkward at best, and we’re not sure if it actually affected its intended target, but it’s so effing hilarious to witness that you have to see it to get it.

LOL. Too funny, kid. We’re not even going to pretend like this little guy needs to be scolded or have his mouth washed out with soap. Even if you can’t relate to the frustrations of being taunted when you’re the younger sibling, consider yourself lucky.

But seriously, kids, don’t try this at home — unless you get your parents’ permission first.