I think I’ve found the secret to a kick-ass hair day

We all know that trends come and go when it comes to beauty. One day we’re rushing to a gel mani appointment and the next month, we’re researching the harmful effects of those polishes and swearing them off. And I’m sure we all have a regrettable scrunchie photo laying around somewhere. But this key to a good hair day is definitely not a trend. Any product or tool that helps us achieve a kick-ass hair day is an instant classic.

Every woman I know understands the importance of exfoliating her face. Not doing so lends to flaky build up, perceived dryness and an uneven palette for which to apply makeup. It’s just not cute to skip that important part of the routine. And how do you feel after you exfoliate? So clean, so fresh and like you’re starting over with a brand new day, right? Exactly! And now, there are hair care lines that are taking this approach with hair, too.

The product is called detox shampoo and it’s the next essential aspect of your hair care regimen. Kevin.Murphy’s detox shampoo, Maxi.Wash is a great example of doing detox right. Using AHA’s from fruit extracts, Maxi is powerful enough to slough off the dead cells from your hair strand and remove build up at your scalp. And because it uses essential oils to balance sebum production and ingredients that act as antiseptics, it’s also a balancing and healing agent. Think of this particular detox shampoo as your perfect pre-wash.

Before detox shampoos hit the market, the next best option was clarifying shampoo. However, clarifiers are harsh on the hair when they remove build-up, they are typically only used by hairdressers before perms or chemical straightening treatments. And they can often strip color from your hair or dry out the hair. Great for a one time clean-out before restructuring the hair chemically, but not so sustainable for regular treatment.

When I first learned about detox shampoo, I began trying it on my clients in the salon. The best way I figured out to use it was to apply a good amount from scalp to ends, massage into the scalp and all hair without scrubbing and then after a couple minutes, rinsing out. Then, I would finish with a second shampoo and a conditioner. What I found was that when I moved to the regular, daily shampoo, I really only need a pea-sized amount because it moved throughout clean hair so swiftly and easily. And I also noticed that my blowouts that followed were the perfect balance of clean, fresh hair with lots of body, volume and shine. I loved it so much I started using it on myself once a week.

I think detox shampoos are great for everyone really. But especially for those ladies who don’t love washing often.. which, let’s face it, is most of us. My routine is to wash every 3-4 days and use dry cleaning spray in between, so detoxing that build up out is essential to great hair for the entire week. I also recommend it to friends and clients who work out or travel a lot. A change in climate can really offset your hair and cause extra oil or dryness and working out often can leave you really greasy, so a simple detox shampoo can add a lot of balance.

The moral of the story? Stop looking to more hairspray or dry shampoo to carry you through the week. Guys, detox shampoo is the new dry shampoo. The secret is in skin care, as Kevin.Murphy says, so ensure a good hair day with a bit of exfoliation.

Image Via KevinMurphy.com.au

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