Khloé Kardashian’s tea drawer is an organizer’s dream and we’re obsessed with it

How you treat your tea says a lot about you, and based on Khloé Kardashian’s immaculately organized tea drawer, we’d say she’s the type who has a thorough plan for her future through at least the year 2080. Refinery29 hipped us to Khlo’s carefully organized tea storage system, which she shared on her website Khloé With A K, and our minds are completely blown.

We didn’t exactly expect Kardashian to be the proud owner of a junk drawer (like everyone else), but this tea basically has VIP storage benefits and we’re low-key obsessed with her attention to tea detail.

For real, y’all. Look at this:

Apparently, Kardashian keeps her tea neatly stocked for when she wants to entertain guests, but we’re more entertained by the fact that this drawer is so freakin’ organized. This extreme level of organization simply does not compute. Where are the half-empty boxes and why aren’t there random packages of green tea carelessly thrown in with the throat coat?


While we clearly need answers from Khloé, we’ll wait for her to announce her very own reality TV show about organizing random stuff. We could use the advice.

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