Khloé Kardashian is producing a TV show about sisters — with a morbid twist

She knows a ton about the bonds of sisterhood, but (hopefully), Khloé Kardashian knows a little bit less about carrying out murder — even though she’s slated to produce a show called Twisted Sisters…all about sisters who kill. Dark, girl…and we’re all about it.

It’s still unknown whether the sisters profiled in the series bond together to kill others or if they wind up killing each other, but we’re already 100% intrigued. According to Page Six, Twisted Sisters will premiere on the ID Channel in 2019, and the soon-to-be mom shared a statement with the outlet reiterating how excited she is to bring the new show to life.

"I am so excited to be bringing you ‘Twisted Sisters,’" her statement reads. "As a self-proclaimed ‘true-crime addict’ there is no better way to tell these tales about the bonds that sisters possess and how they can go so terribly wrong."

For their part, ID is ready to have her.

"We are thrilled to be working with Khloé on this new venture," Group President of ID Henry Schleiff said. "With one of the most renowned experts on sisters now a member of our own ID family, we know she will be able to bring a unique perspective that will inform and entertain our fans, while enticing new viewers to tune in."

This new venture marks new, darker territory for Khloé, and we can’t wait to watch her marry her love of true crime with her lived experience of sisterhood.

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