Khloé Kardashian explained why she chose to pursue a denim line, and it’s probably not why you think

Since launching her body-inclusive jeans company Good American, Khloé Kardashian has pretty much been crushing it professionally. At the Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Next Gen Conference, Khloe explained why demim is special to her. Turns out, it was never really about jeans.

"It's not about having a new denim line. It's about doing something that empowers other women, something that's really going to break down barriers."

People often talk about women’s empowerment, but few actually put real plans into action. Khloé did! And she’s setting a fantastic example for the next generation of entrepreneurs.

She went on to talk about her personal experiences, and how they inspired her to create something for women of all sizes.

"I used to be someone labeled as plus-size, and I'm like, fuck that, I don't want to be called that. I'm a woman with curves. I was proud of who I was, but I felt shamed at the time to go into boutiques and go shopping."

Once Khloé met her business partner, Emma, their combined ambition kicked everything into motion.

"We were able to have this great line that that stood for not just jeans, it stood for making other people feel good about themselves."

You can watch the whole interview here.

We’re SO proud of Khloé, and we know that Good American is going to have a lasting impression on the fashion industry.

"Just chillin in my Good Americans."

Supporting you 100%, girl! Keep doing your thing.

H/T: Perez Hilton

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