Khloé Kardashian spoke up about how she treats her American Denim employees, and here’s why it matters

We’ve been all about Khloé Kardashian’s Good American denim line since its recent launch. ICYMI, Good American is a line all about body inclusivity, and was created with the theory that everyone should feel fabulous in their favorite pair of jeans.

Khloé recently documented a Good American factory visit on Snapchat and Twitter, but it led to some negativity when a few of her followers (inaccurately) referred to the factory as a “sweatshop.”

However, the Kardashian sibling was quick to put the rumors to rest.  Khloe spoke up about sweatshop labor and her denim brand and made sure that there was zero confusion when it comes to how and where her jeans are made.

For some context, here were the original posts Khloe made when visiting her brand’s factory and work space.

And here were a few of the comments Khloé received in response to the posts.


Like a #BOSS, Khloé defended her business.

Everyone should be paid fairly for the hard work they do, and treated with respect and human decency. So needless to say, we’re glad to see Khloé not only fighting for her business, but actively supporting livible wages and safe working environments.

We’re very glad that Khloe cleared this up. Knowing for sure that her brand engages in ethical worker treatment makes us all the more supportive of her super inclusive (and cute) denim endeveur.

H/T: Perez Hilton

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