Khloe Kardashian is absolutely killing it with her summery and super-short new hair

It’s official: we’ve totally found the haircut we’re pulling up on our phones next time we’re in the salon chair! Khloe Kardashian just debuted a new short, summery ‘do on Instagram and it looks amazing.

Hairstylist Jen Atkin posted the pic of Khloe’s new short hair with the caption: “Fresh ‘just hits the shoulder’ for the little @KhloeKardashian. How cute is she? I always dreamed of KOKO with short hair…dreams do come true guys.” Tracey Cunningham at Redken gets all the credit for Khloe’s more blonde-looking ombré, which just screams summer to us.

And hey, Khloe looks like such a happy camper about it.

Khloe may be going shorter gradually this summer, because just two weeks ago she was hanging out with Jennifer Lopez, as you do, with long blonde locks:

But then her hair looked a liiiitle shorter, while still not shoulder-length, earlier this week:

We know a big ol’ chop — or at least, putting the extensions away for the summer — can feel like a huge commitment, so we get it if she’s taking it bit by bit. Still, if anyone can pull off shorter hair and look super-chic, it’s her. So we’re be expecting a pixie cut next week, Khloe?

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