Khloé Kardashian shares what she eats on her cheat day, we all drool

We can’t get enough of how real Khloé Kardashian is. She speaks her mind, doesn’t hold back when talking about the roughest times of her life, and we love how much she loves food! No matter how much she works out (she’s pretty much a fitness star these days), she always encourages her fans to indulge in yummy dishes, many of which she posts as recipes regularly on her app.

So when Khloé posted a play-by-play of her cheat day, of course we dropped everything to watch closely. She and part of the Kardashian clan traveled to San Diego for their grandmother’s birthday dinner and store opening, and they had some food fun along the way. KoKo wrote all about it on her app!

“Sometimes treat day gets a little crazy, okkur! This was definitely one of those days, LOL. Kim, the kids and I drove down to San Diego for MJ’s store opening party together and I went HAM!!”

How fun does a road trip with Khloé sound?! They kicked off their morning like true champions with McDonald’s McMuffins and a few (okay, four) hash browns, which Khloe washed down with a couple ginger ales.

But the girls weren’t done yet. For lunch, they had chicken fingers and more soda, followed by yummy snacks that were originally brought for Kim’s kids — Vanilla Wafers, raisins, Cheez-Its. Good thing Kim brought enough for everyone. You can read the full menu here.

It sounds like a pretty rad day. Khloé knows how to have fun with her family, and if you follow her on any social media outlets, you can see she especially loves to spend time with her nieces and nephews.

We’re looking forward to your next cheat day, Khloe! In the meantime, keep doing your thing!