Khloé Kardashian shared the unwanted baby advice she’s been getting from her sisters

While it may be her first, it’s definitely not the first baby in the family. And since every pregnancy is different, we can’t imagine the amount of pregnancy and baby advice that Khloé Kardashian got from her sisters.

In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight, Khloé mentioned that the amount of advice she’s received was somewhat out of control — and sister Kourtney Kardashian has been the worst with it so far. Kourtney’s the mother of three — Mason, Penelope, and Reign — so obviously she’s somewhat of an expert regarding how Khloé’s life is going to change.

“I’ve gotten to the point…I’m like, ‘OK, shut the f**k up and take your own advice.’ Like, I love Kourtney, but… I’m going to figure it all out, I promise you,” Khloé said. “We’re all going to learn. So some advice is great, but it’s also not what you say, it’s how you say it.”

In  yet another interview about her pregnancy, Khloé admitted that things were actually starting to get a little bit tense between the sisters regarding the unwanted advice and how it was given.

Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, she gave a pretty decent example regarding the nursery — which hasn’t even been fully assembled yet.

"I wanted to put a TV in the nursery," she explained. "I haven’t even decorated the nursery yet, the only thing I wanted was a TV so far. And she [said] I’m the worst person for ever wanting a TV."

Kourtney also has a few opinions on plastic toys.

Still, Khloé is making sure to keep a take-charge attitude throughout her pregnancy, which we have to admire. In her words, she wants her sisters to “let me experience things,” and that makes a lot of sense.

Whether or not she chooses to use plastic and have a television on during her breastfeeding time, we can tell that Khloé Kardashian is going to be a great mom.