Khloé Kardashian thinks everyone should stop blaming social media for Kim Kardashian’s robbery

In the weeks since Kim Kardashian was violently robbed in the middle of the night in Paris, several members of her famous family have come forward to publicly support Kim, giving tidbits on how she’s actually doing in the aftermath of the attack.

Kim herself, nor her husband Kanye West, have addressed the attack, and it’s been rumored that Kim is looking to lead a much more low-key public existence going forward. It’s definitely understandable that she may not feel comfortable being so open with the general public about her life, but her sister Khloé insists that social media simply isn’t to blame for the robbery in the first place.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Khloé called the robbery “a wake up call for everybody,” but insists that Kim’s display of her wealth on social media is not to blame in the horrific incident.

"Pulling back on social media I think is a personal choice. ... No matter what you post or don't post. ... That shouldn't give someone a reason to feel like they could do anything like that to you. But we definitely are just being more aware and I think just making changes to our lives."

Of course, Khloé makes a totally valid point — posting photos of a diamond ring or expensive clothing simply doesn’t give someone license to attack you, and it’s completely unfair for anyone to argue otherwise. It’s that “she had it coming” mentality that people tend to use in situations like this that just isn’t fair. No one deserves to have their privacy and personal safety violated because they are a public figure or wealthy. It’s the worst kind of victim blaming imaginable.

The Kardashians have certainly had fears about these kinds of attacks in the past, as shown several times on their reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Kylie, in particular, was the subject of unwanted attention by an intruder, prompting her sisters to warn her about the dangers of sharing her location on Snapchat. Kendall has also faced a persistent stalker, and Kris was the subject of an iCloud hack, all in recent years.

Unfortunately, it’s the same openness and candor that the Kardashian/Jenner family have become known for that is what makes them clear targets for unwanted attention and invasion. We are wishing them the best during this difficult time and hoping that they can find a happy balance between living their lives freely and remaining safe and protected.