Khloé Kardashian revealed what she finds sexiest about Tristan Thompson

While a lot of attention is currently on her yet-to-be-born daughter, we’re still not over how obsessed we are with Khloé Kardashian finding love with basketball player Tristan Thompson. The two seem to complement each other perfectly, and we have a feeling they’re going to be excellent parents. And lucky for us, Khloé just revealed Tristan Thompson’s sexiest quality. We’re all ears, girl.

Thompson, a player for the Cleveland Cavaliers, started dating Kardashian around August of 2016. That’s when the two were first spotted together during a party in Miami, according to Us Weekly. And since Kardashian doesn’t really have much of a private life (which is one of the many reasons she kept her pregnancy a secret for so long), we’re guessing their relationship couldn’t have started much earlier than that.

On an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Khloé said that the topic of kids came up right away. “He wants to have, like, five or six kids with me,” she said on the show.

So what is it specifically about Tristan that makes him so awesome?

"The way he is affectionate with me! The way he isn't afraid to express himself! The way he's kind and compassionate!" Khloé wrote on her app, also making sure to note his confidence. "But above all, I love how much Tristan loves me — and how he always tells me so."

We’re so glad that Khloé found Tristan. He truly seems like the kind of partner she — and all of us — deserves.

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