Khloé Kardashian faces a scary pregnancy complication on “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”

Keeping Up With the Kardashians gets a reputation for being sugary and surface-level, but as any long-time fan knows, the show doesn’t shy away from more serious territory. The Kardashians are refreshingly candid about their physical and mental health, and regularly speak out about living life with anxiety, managing panic attacks, and possible pregnancy complications on-screen.

Now, Khloé Kardashian is sharing a pregnancy-related health scare, and the footage is making us nervous. In a new promotional video that E! posted Sunday, February 18th, Khloé is filmed both at her doctor’s office and at home grappling with unexpected symptoms.

"Literally, I like can't walk," she admits from her couch, while Kim and Kourtney looked worried.

“Can you text your doctor right now?” Kourtney asks.

While the clip is worrying, Khloé posted an affectionate picture to her Instagram this week posing with boyfriend Tristan Thompson, both of their hands resting on her stomach. She also took to Snapchat this weekend looking healthy and glowing at around 31 weeks — so we’re hoping everything is okay now.

The reality star and entrepreneur revealed that she’s pregnant with her first baby back in December, and she’s reportedly due in April.

Khloé isn’t the first Kardashian sister to have a health scare during a pregnancy. Kim chose to use a surrogate for her third child due to a life-threatening medical condition she experienced during her first pregnancies: pre-eclampsia. Doctors recommended that she use another route to conceive after Saint’s difficult and painful birth.

Hopefully we’ll find out that everything was smooth sailing after this for Khloé on the full episode coming Sunday, February 25th.

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