Khloé Kardashian has a message for mommy-shamers who don’t think she should give True formula

Becoming a new mom is stressful enough, but learning how to raise a newborn while the world is watching (and judging) you? That’s another level of difficult. When it comes to haters, though, Khloé Kardashian is having none of it. In fact, despite the fact that internet trolls have been trying to mommy-shame her for supplementing her breast milk with formula when feeding baby True Thompson, she’s letting everyone know she’s standing firm in her beliefs.

As Cosmopolitan pointed out, Kardashian recently opened up about her breastfeeding struggles on her app, revealing that she isn’t able to make enough breast milk for True so she has to feed her formula as well to make sure she’s getting all the nutrition she needs. Since then, haters have come out of the woodwork to shut her down (including this tweeter, who accused Kardashian of being too worried about her body to breastfeed — whatever). And now, Kardashian is fighting back.

After a fan applauded her for opening up about her struggles, Kardashian tweeted about how hard she’s tried to exclusively breastfeed, eventually settling on the reality that she’d need to supplement with formula to give True all that she needs.

lot of moms find breastfeeding a challenge, so Kardashian isn’t alone in this — and for many moms, it can be incredibly hard to cope with the fact that they aren’t able to produce the milk their baby needs to survive. Even though it isn’t the mom’s fault, one look at a parenting message board makes it obvious that plenty of people still try to shame moms who can’t make breastfeeding work for them, and it’s so wrong.

Breastfeeding your kiddo is awesome, but feeding your baby is what’s most important, no matter how you have to get that done. A fed baby is a healthy and happy baby, and yes, formula definitely helps your baby stay healthy and happy…and it helps Mom stay sane, too. Have you ever had to be around a hungry baby for more than five minutes? It’s brutal.

Good for Kardashian for sharing the realities of motherhood, even though it isn’t always fun or easy to talk about. And don’t try to call her out for it, either, because this mom isn’t going to take it.