Khloé Kardashian is obsessed with her Christmas gift from her mom, and so are we

Okay, so we know the holidays aren’t really about presents. They’re about surrounding ourselves with friends and loved ones, spreading love, and appreciating what we have. But that doesn’t mean sometimes a super awesome gift doesn’t MAKE THE DAY. And Khloé Kardashian showed off her present from mom Kris, and it was seriously freaking epic.

As in two original photographs of Marilyn Monroe, shot and signed by super legendary photographers Bert Sternand Richard C. Miller.

Khloé was so incredibly excited that she posted a video about the gift on her Instagram account:

She followed it up with this one, giving us a view of the second original photograph.

This is such an amazingly cool gift — especially for someone who loves Marilyn as much as our girl Khloé. We seriously love that mom Kris knows her daughter so well (and went to what was probably a lot of trouble to track these gems down).

And in case you were wondering what the entire family was up to for Christmas Eve, it appears they were having a BLAST at a holiday party.

And mom (AKA best gift-giver Kris) was there as well:

These ladies clearly all genuinely have a blast with one another — whether the cameras are there or not — and that’s why we truly will always have a soft spot for them.

Happy Holidays, guys!

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